About Us

Moments of Glory Ministries was founded in 2014 by Evangelist Okoro. Their commission was to reach and uplift all people and bring them to the immediate knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a product of The United Evangelist Association Inc, Moments of Glory Ministries emphasis has always been on salvation, love and care of the people. The movement now embraces nearly all aspects of the Christian faith, reflecting a doctrine giving that affirms the central truth of Christianity.

Our Mission

We’re a non-profit organization bringing clean clothing and safe food items to people in West Africa countries. 100% of all public donations directly fund food and clothing projects, and we prove every dollar using photos.

Taking the love of Christ to humanity.

Why Do This?

The goal of Moments of Glory Ministries is to see lives changed as we promote healthy children and communities that are free from poverty and hunger. Many of the people in our list have their only meal of the day on the streets

We believe that everyone  we feed are essential members of their communities who can, one day, become leaders who bring positive change to their countries by breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.  To accomplish our goal, we use the daily meal as a starting point to build strong, loving communities that have clean water, healthy living environments, and education and livelihood opportunities.